Monday, 15 September 2014

Sorting out my hobby!

Hi all

So a couple of years ago I spent some time,  and money,  sorting our office room of our new home.  We had a huge desk area made,  ,lots of drawers storage etc and I was really happy with my hobby area.   I could finally pick up and put down my brushes in the same place and have a permanent area for my hobby.  previously I was painting on the old computer desk pulling everything out and putting everything away each time,  very annoying!

Anyway,  fast forward two years,  and like any "new" hobby,  my collection of just about everything has expanded three fold at least.   The drawers became overflowing and my ability to sit down and paint turned into sit down,  sort through the mess on the table,  find the right paint pot,  hope the airbrush is clean etc.  I get very little hobby time with two young children and so when I do get the time I want to enjoy it and it just be the nice parts.  |The irony then when I get a day off with just me and the house to myself,  that i choose to spend non of that time painting.  I instead decided to sort out the hobby room.

My main issue was storing paints,  airbrush equipment etc.  With big open drawers they just rolled about all over the place so I wanted something where I could whatever I am looking for instantly and also something where I could open and close the drawer as much as I like without everything moving about.  I went very low tech after looking at just about every option available,  ie premade,   boxes,  also some laser cut mdf plans which I drew up in illustrator and got some quotes on.

I ended up with some 90 degree strips of plastic from BnQ glued to some mdf.  It couldn't be easier.  I also got a happy accident when I realise that the GW paints actually stacked up perfectly upside down when using a certain size of plastic strip.  This was perfect as it stops your paints drying out and also lets you see the colour of the paint easily.

So I now have a couple of daylight bulb each size,  one with a magnifying glass (which I hardly ever use but wish i did),   paint brushes upside down on the wall  ( I need better than blue tack for these really ),   an ultrasonic cleaner for the airbrush which actually fits all airbrush parts in,  hairdryer,  hobby drill,  airbrush holder, two water jars,  basic hobby tools,  cutting ,at and underneath you can just make out the airbrush compressor and also the airbrush studio which folds out and works really well.

Anyway,  here are the pics of my hobby section of the office so far.  It still needs some tweaks but its getting close to being exactly what I want.

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